Client: ​​​​​​​
P.J. Nation Wrestling team (athletes removed) 
(Port Jefferson High School, Port Jefferson, N.Y)

36" x 24" 4 color print.

Project Survey:
Produce a commemorative poster highlighting the successful 10 year run of the current wrestling program. 
Design inspiration:
- Monuments
- Tribute / Homage
- Celebration
- Community / District Impact
- School Sport Heritage

We wanted to capture the impact the Wrestling program has on the district, community and past/present athletes. 

A program built on the steps of hard-work, determination, sacrifice and knowledge was meant to last the ages; like the ancient ruins of the Greek Parthenon.  To be remembered through tales and legends by those who were a part of it, like the stories about the ancient Temple of Zeus. 

Finally, paying respect to the people who have made their lasting impacts on "The Nation", be it coaches, athletes, sponsors, etc. This monument of 10 yrs. will be a lasting reminder of the great things this program has provided.

This poster represents a place where all of that is on display as a reminder to the people; that the influence PJ Nation has made in these 10 years will last well on into the future.
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